Announcement! There will be the page Extra’s up and running on Tuesday  the 9th of October 2012. Get excited as you can expect, advice on things ranging from School, study, to friends, online socail life, and of coarse boys. Also there will be segment on things like shopping, give a ways and more!!

Each week at least 1-2 articles will be posted on this page so keep checking and get ready for the 9th of October!

Emma xx


OMG! Guess what girls I have started, a bunch of pages of reviews. Every thing from Books, movies, to TV shows. Check it out! Today i publish a review on the TV series GCB. And soon to come is first look at Beauty and the geek, and Brynne my bedazzled life. Can’t wait, can you?
Be the first to check it out!     Emma xx

I Got an Electric Guitar!

Guess What on the 9th of April my dad gave me an Electric Guitar!! To read more about this event you can look at my page call ‘A girl and Her Guitar’.

Hello World!

Hi and welcome to its 4 girls! I’m Emma and this website is designed for teen girls. I love chatting about whats on my mind, Asking you, the public questions and answering yours, Music is another biggy you will see a lot on this website. How you can buy jewelery and accessories. I love hearing what you have to say because it helps me get an understanding on what you all enjoy and things you may find boring. There will be links to how you can contact me and leave your feedback. Please explore my site and get involved and best of all have your say!

Emma xx